Consumer assurance of conformity of the goods with the contract of sale

1.      Catering Spare Parts (hereafter referred to as CSP) warrants to the end user the conformity of the goods with the contract of sale for a period of two years from the date of delivery of the products sold.

2.      CSP warrants to the consumer who purchases goods in order to make use of them in their work the compliance of products sold with the purchase and sale contract specifically entered for a period of six months.

3.      The right conferred shall expire when the consumer does not denounce to CSP, within the period specified in paragraphs 1 or 2, the variance of the product with the contractually established within two months of the time when the anomaly was detected.

4.      The denunciation is considered done by the consumer when submitting documents proving the purchase of the asset and its guaranteed duly filled.

5.      The exception to the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2 are the quick wear and easily breakable parts (exs: current use plastic joints, trims, lamps)

6.      CSP shall not be responsible for the product shortcomings resulting from:
            a) Negligent consumer use (misuse, accidents, abrasion, etc.)
            b) Deficient conditions of the distribution or supply of water, gas, electricity, accumulation of limestone or other wastes or other causes of a similar nature.



Product Delivery


1.      The provided delivery times are limited to existing stock.


2.      The ordered goods which are shipped by transport companies contracted by the CSP should be checked by the purchaser when received.


3.      Any discrepancy between the products delivered and the purchase order or invoice shall be immediately reported by the recipient of such goods, making note of it note on the waybill.


4.      The omission of the procedure referred to in the preceding inhibits the recipient of the goods from making future claims.





1.      The return of goods requires prior acceptance of CSP.


2.      In case of acceptance, the returned goods must be delivered to the warehouse of CSP packed in their original packaging, in perfect condition, accompanied by the respective instruction manuals and free of postage costs.


Retention of title clause


1.      CSP retains legal ownership of the traded goods until its effective and full payment.


2.      The delivery of the goods to the entity mentioned in this document constitutes a trustee of the same.


3.      The breach, or the defective performance, of the conditions laid down contractually compels the defaulting entity to replace the goods covered by the contract reverting to CSP the aggregate of the sums already received.

Installation and Technical Assistance

1.      The prices of goods traded by CSP do not include the costs of demonstration, installation, and assembly. Those costs should, therefore, be borne by the respective purchasers.

2.      CSP costumers agree by this to hire properly credentialed and trained technicians to precede the preventive technical assistance, assembly or repair of the goods provided.


1.      The payment for the goods must be made at the time of delivery. The respective amount should be handed to the freight company designated by CSP whenever other conditions are not agreed.